Short Summer storage

Every yacht needs maintenance. Some owners leave maintenance to our experts, others choose to do this themselves. In our yard, if you wish, you can work on your yacht in the summertime. From April until October you can make use of the so called “short-term parking” facility. This means your yacht can be parked inside or outside for a minimum of 3 weeks.

You have a choice between the outside yard or the use of one of our halls, dust-free or condensation-free if needed. This allows you to perform maintenance on your yacht, regardless of the weather. Do you need advice? Of course you can always rely on our professionals.

All ship’s supplies and maintenance products can be purchased in our water sports shop Bootschappen Watersport situated in our yard. Very handy to have everything you need at an arm’s length! And should anything not be in stock, of course it can be ordered for you.

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